Color Bump 3D

Interesting multi-level game Color Bump 3D is designed for all ages, will delight children and adults. Exciting fun for agility and resourcefulness. The playing field is lined with a variety of geometric three-dimensional shapes. Your task is to reach the finish line. This is really done if you do not touch objects of another color. You need to keep your ball so that it clings only figures that are the same color as him.

A colorful game with simple controls. Use the arrow keys to direct the ball left and right. For example, if your ball is gray, you can easily ram any group of items of gray color. Balls, cubes, pyramids, other forms – all items in Color Bump 3D are easily shifted. Use them to overcome dangerous areas: surround yourself with other objects for this.

Over 800 amusing levels are waiting for you, you won’t be bored. This is many hours of entertainment with difficult trials. Separate locations will force to think carefully over the passage. But if you lose, do not worry: each level can be started anew, without returning to the first location. You will pass all the tests – you will become a real record holder of a casual toy Color Bump 3D.