play Slope online unblocked

Slope Run is a colorful game for dexterous gamers. Mini-fun with a bright design, made in the style of minimalism, will not leave indifferent any player. The task is to control the ball, which at high speed rolls along different forms of platforms and structures. The futuristic world is filled with cubes, skyscrapers, blocks, narrow paths. Stop the racing object is not possible, so you have to be as careful as possible.

The ball is controlled in Slope Run using the arrow keys. Direct it so that it does not fall into the abyss, otherwise the test will end in failure. If you see a track of arrows, you must roll a ball on them so that it can fly to the next plate or accelerate. The task in the game is not only to survive this crazy race, but also to collect more gems along the way. They are arranged in groups, you just need to direct the ball.

For the collected stones can be purchased in the game store a variety of ball designs. There is also the possibility of improvements: protection against collisions, a magnet for pulling bonuses, doubling them. Try to set your personal record in the fun of Slope Run, gaining the maximum possible points