Fascinating entertainment for all ages – the game Stairs. A fun arcade game with short trials at different levels of difficulty. Complete all the tasks will not be so easy, as they pass, they become more complicated. But with a little practice and having filled your hand, you will be able to hold the ball through all the ladders. In each complexity of 12 levels, you can choose any, but to go further you need to go through them all.

The gameplay in Stairs is simple: we control a ball jumping up the steps. On the way there are many sharp spikes, which should be avoided. Safe areas are highlighted, try to get into white circles. As the ball moves, it will begin to accelerate and it will be harder to reach the top than it seemed at the beginning. Be extremely attentive. You need to direct the ball with the help of the mouse: hold down the left button and move the mouse to the sides, dodging danger.