Roll the Ball

Roll the Ball is a logical puzzle from the Fifteen series. In a limited field, you need to move the squares to set them in the right position. At the same time there is one or a couple of empty seats for maneuver. Such entertainment is very popular, especially like all fans of a variety of puzzle toys. It seems that it is easy to pass all the tests? Let’s check!

The goal of this game is to restore the broken pipeline through which the ball should roll. In each level there is a ball and a field labeled “GOAL”, there should drive a white ball. Square chips can be moved to adjacent free fields. The metal plots in Roll the Ball are not playable, only wooden blocks move.

Before playing, think carefully about which square to place. To drive the ball into the pocket a little: if you want to get three stars for passing a level, do not exceed the number of possible moves indicated above. In some situations there will be extra parts of the pipe, bear this in mind, do not try to use all the details.

In Roll the Ball: Slide puzzle you will find many exciting challenges, go through everything and prove that you are the smartest!