Run Race 3D

We invite you to a championship run in the game Run Race 3D, where you will compete with gamers from the network. The fun is unusual in that the player is not required to speed up, turn off or brake. You can not change the speed or direction, your runner moves automatically, at a stable speed, the same as the other contestants. Your task is to push off from the surface in time.

At the start, everyone is on an equal footing. Multi-colored men in Ran Flight 3D move forward until they reach a vertical wall. Almost reaching it, you need to click the mouse to jump on the wall. And then press the LMB again to jump to the opposite surface. Moving this way, your red man will climb up and continue his route in the game.

Each distance consists of three circles. All levels of Run Race 3D are different from each other, becoming longer and more difficult. Separate locations contain special springs on the way, throwing a marathon runner so that he can fly over a high barrier. Pass all the tests, overtake rivals and become a champion in this virtual competition!