Slope 2

The game “Slope 2” – the continuation of the famous game Slope, where you play the role of a green ball, which quickly rushes down. As before, you need to use your skills of dexterity and quick reaction to control this ball and direct it for movement along a narrow path. Avoid obstacles on your way and do not be intimidated by the big slope. Pay all your attention to the screen and look forward to assessing the situation in time and change the direction of the ball.

What’s new?
At this time, many new products were added to the game, such as a shop with the possibility of buying bonuses and balls. Earning crystals during the game, you can spend them to buy bonuses in the store. Only 3 bonuses are available: a shield, a magnet and double the earnings of crystals. Each bonus can be used only once and it does not last long. Also having collected more crystals, you can buy new balls by selecting one of the 9 available.

Also, the game has new obstacles, jumps for jumps and much more. The game has become much more interesting, so let’s play and set new records for the distance traveled. Successes!

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