Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an adventure for thieves who carelessly encroach on an ancient shrine. When they decided to rob the mysterious temple, the poor creatures did not realize that monstrous demonic monkeys could guard the relic. Now you have to run away from the monsters! Success in fun will depend on the number of meters that you move away from the building. Management is governed by the slopes of the gadget and the simplest touch to the screen.

On the move, you must pick up coins, initially you will meet simple ones, but in the future you will come across much more expensive ones. In addition to them in the game Temple Run 2, you can pick up other items that will be great bonuses for the characters.

Every hundred coins affect the filling of the fresco, but if you stumble, know that it will be reset, just like a bar. For the full recovery will need to gather up five hundred coins. Tilt the playing surface in different directions and help fill the piggy bank soon. Remember that red and blue money are equivalent to two and three gold, respectively.